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Pitjantjatjara, Ngaatjatjarra and Ngaanyatjarra are spoken.
(IAD Language Centre Map 1990), Community members 1999.


The Kaltukatjara Community Council is a 12 person local government body democratically elected on a yearly basis.
(Kaltukatjara Council, July 2001)


There is a Lutheran Church in Kaltukatjara and a Pastor lives in the community. The church is administered by the Finke River Mission in Alice Springs.
(Kaltukatjara Council, July 2001)

Local Enterprise

  • Store: Includes a petrol supply to the public.
  • Arts: Maruku Arts & Crafts

(Kaltukatjara Council, July 2001)

Community Facilities

  • Sports oval for football and softball and basketball court
  • Women's Centre (runs a cooking program, and provides lunch for children)
  • Recreation Hall, for concerts etc
  • Tjilpi Pampaku Ngura, Aged Care Centre
  • HACC program for aged and disabled care in homes
  • Laundry (attached to Aged Care Centre)
  • BRACS (for picking up TV only)
  • Health Centre
  • School
  • Store
  • Guest house
  • 2 public telephones

(Kaltukatjara Council, July 2001)


There are 42 houses in Kaltukatjara, 2 silver bullets, 0 shelters, 0 humpies and 0 ablution blocks. 4 new houses are planned. 13 houses are for non-community staff.

Most buildings are of brick block construction and are maintained by the Docker River Housing Association. All 42 houses have air conditioners.
(kaltukatjara Council, July 2001)


Water for the Kaltukatjara supply system is obtained from 3 bores, 1 located near the ground tanks and 2 approximately 1.5 km west of the community. There are 3 ground tanks and 1 raised tank in the community. Water quality is of a high standard with chlorine needed only on rare occasions.
(Kaltukatjara Council, July 2001)


The sewerage treatment is by way of a mix of septic tanks and sewerage system throughout the town. The sewerage system has been newly constructed and services the main part of town from the store. It is a full water born system. The College, old garage, administration house, store house and outstations house remain on the septic system. The septic ponds are 1km from town & will be fully fenced.
(Kaltukatjara Council, July 2001)


The community is provided with power via 3 generators that are automated from a computer controlled station. All holuses have electricity & use power coards.
(Kaltukatjara Council, July 2001)

Waste Management

The Community has a rubbish tip situated north west of the community down from the sewerage ponds. Rubbish is collected 2 times a week and ppeople are also encouraged to burn their household rubbish.
(Kaltukatjara Council, July 2001)


The community has 1 sotre which is owned by the community under the auspices of the Western Desert Highway Pty Ltd. The Store is open 5.5 days a week, and is closed on Sundays (exccept for fuel between 11am-12pm).
(Kaltukatjara Council, July 2001)


The existing major internal road system consists almost entirely of sealed roads drained by table drains and floodways.
(Kaltukatjara Coucil, July 2001)


There is a day airstrip at Kaltukatjara. The dirt airstrip is situated 5 kilometres east of Kaltukatjara town. The strip has been resurfaced and is now only closed when there is low cloud cover. It is used primarily by the Royal flying Doctor Service to provide emergency medical assistance and evacuation for the community.
(Kaltukatjara Council, July 2001)

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