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Mutitjulu is located in the Northern Territory a few kilometres south of Yulara and Uluru. It lies approximately 350 km south west of Alice Springs.

Mutitjulu Community Liaison Officer

The main role of Graham Calma is to maintain communication between Parks Australia North and Anangu by convening frequent meetings between the two parties. He is also responsible for liaising with media groups to have photos, footage and documents approved and make sure they do not contain any inappropriate material, mentions of restricted information or images of restricted sites etc. It is included in his duties to get approval from senior Anangu and figures within the communities. Commercial groups must send their media package (containing photos and pictures etc.) to the community liason officer and they liaise with senior Anangu to gain approval. The northern face of Uluru for example, is completely off limits for commercial purposes. If a member of the public takes their issue/problem/request to the liaison officer they need to negotiate an agreement that both parties are happy with. A recent example of the work of the community liason officer is when Mercedes College came to Uluru to conduct a workshop; the C.L.O. negotiated with the college and arranged a sum of $600 each for two senior Anangu men, Cassidy and Reggie as royalties for this trip.

Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park- Cultural Site Management System

Kata Tjuta National Park Anangu staff have been developing new ways of managing cultural heritage in the Park. The aim is to create protocols for looking after culturally important sites. These include maintaining sites, collecting people's knowledge and stories and promoting awareness of the cultural heritage present in the National Park. Protocols will also include ways to train Anangu to become involved with planning and positions of power within the National Park.

The program also aims to collect documents from museum archives, including Canberra and Melbourne. Once the program receives its computer servers, it will be having a formal opening in the near future.

Mutitjulu Garage

The Mutitjulu Garage repairs all types of car. The opening times are 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday.

Motor garages here are very important because most of the roads are corrugated which leads to more break downs and the need for repairs. This is why it's good seeing working garages coming back on the Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara communities.

To book in for repairs call: 8956 2486.

Mutitjulu Takeaway Shop

The Ininti Takeaway Shop is open Monday to Friday 9am 2pm. There is an emphasis on selling healthy homemade meals. There is only one deep fried meal a week which is fish and chips.

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